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This past year was a time of great progress for Lane Ranch North. All underground utilities (including water, sewer, power, cable, gas, and phone/Internet) have been installed to service each of the building envelopes of the four properties. The half-mile+ of access road is in and paved, and attractive wooden guardrails are in place where advisable. Areas disturbed during construction have been revegetated and taken root. Driveways and walking paths provide easy access to likely home locations on each property.

While this past summer’s fires were disheartening for everyone in the Wood River Valley, they clearly demonstrated that views from Lane Ranch North to the south (as well as in all directions) are the best in the North Valley, as indicated by the incredible number of sight-seers who visited the area.

The Sun Valley Water and Sewer District also made significant progress on both of their important projects, which Lane Ranch North helped facilitate. The 7,300 linear feet of 12” underground pipe and related valves and vaults for the reuse line are now installed all the way from the treatment plant on the river to the Elkhorn golf course. Construction is also under way for the pump station at the intersection of Elkhorn Road and Weyyakin. It can pump up to 2,000 gallons of water per minute to a million-gallon storage reservoir located on the Elkhorn saddle above Lane Ranch North. Both are scheduled for completion this spring, ready to meet irrigation needs for the golf course this summer—700,000+ gallons per day! This same project is also capable of providing water for future snowmaking on Dollar Mountain.

Underground piping for The District’s 400,000-gallon pressure-equalizing domestic water tank is also in place, and the tank itself is well under construction. While the construction site is rather large and unsightly, it will be finished, backfilled, and replanted/landscaped this spring.

Both projects are important for the Sun Valley community. Lane Ranch North provided more than 4,250 linear feet of easements, donated three parcels of property totaling four acres, and worked closely with The District to realize significant mutual savings in construction costs.

The road and access area for each of the four truly exceptional properties that compose Lane Ranch North will be plowed and maintained throughout the winter.

The Greater Sun Valley community is indeed a very special place, and we at Lane Ranch North are proud to be a part of it.

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